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Properties of Tartan Fabric - Catalogue of Tartans | Scottish Kilt

Tartan design obtains a national significance not only in Scottish culture but universally tartan is particularly associated with Scotland.

Tartan Fabric woven in Scotland that is made up of united horizontal and vertical bands or threads of colors whose variations are symbolic of the various different clans that have historically made up for the Scottish people.

Best Properties Of Tartan Fabric

The Properties of Tartan Fabric is that it is made of a woven cloth which is linked with Scottish culture and values, which is made with pre-dyed threads to form substitute stripes in one of several patterns of plaid – In the Tartan fabric, there are more stripes and colors used, the more blurred and soft the tartan pattern becomes.

Best Tartan Christmas Fabric

The Tartan Christmas Fabric was traditionally woven from wool. It is one of the most famous prints for Kilts, this fabric features stripes or bands of color that cut through to form squares. Plaids date back to the 1500s and yet come in many tartan patterns, from argyle and gingham to madras and window panes. It remains an incredibly popular fabric, especially for plaid kilts and suits.

Tartan Wardrobe

We offer a wide range of Tartan, you can customize your traditional kilt and Tartan Accessories in your chosen one tartan. In Tartan Accessories, you can easily find your favorite one Sporrans, Scarves, Ties, Jackets and Suits etc.  We ensure to provide pure acrylic wool of fabric, So you would be able to find the perfect material for your project, Whether it be for upholstery, kilt-making, Dress-making or tailoring.

Johnson Tartan Fabric

The Johnson Tartan Fabric is fairly simple, and is composed of alternating broad stripes of blue and green. The blue stripe has three narrow black stripes running through the middle. The green stripe also has three narrow stripes in the middle, but the center narrow stripe is yellow.

Maccallum Tartan Fabric

The Maccallum Tartan Fabric colors are forest green, navy blue, black and pale blue. The designs add more value to this fabric. It is stated that an ancient narrated conventional story about the MacCallums clan tells that probably in the thirteenth century, the head of a family based at Colgin was the father of three sons, all of them were intended to live an independent life away from home.

Macpherson Tartan Fabric

The Macpherson Tartan Fabric features blue and red as its main colors, providing a nice backdrop for the other colors to take their place. A rich forest green is found placed symmetrically throughout the tartan. A thin, sunny yellow line runs in a pattern both horizontally and vertically to help separate out the tartan pattern.

Boyd Tartan Fabric

The Boyd Tartan Fabric has features of red, forest green with white, yellow and black lines in it. Basically the word Byod is an old Scottish surname. The Byod clan belongs to the Ayrshire place.

Cameron Tartan Fabric

The Cameron family is one of the oldest Scottish clan in history. The colors of Cameron Tartan Fabric are black, green, blue with red and yellow line through it. Clan Cameron belongs to the Lochaber in the Scottish highlands.

Would You Like To Purchase Tartan & Plaid Fabrics?

Scottish Kilt has a collection of suiting fabrics, Jacket fabrics, acrylic wool with tartan and plaid patterns. All these fabrics are manufactured & designed in Sialkot. So feel free to contact us, because we are always looking forward to helping our customers to make their life events more valuable and memorable. Therefore, you can ask for any kind of custom made products.

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