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Relationships with an Age Difference: What You Need to Know

A study from 2012, it showed that nearly 85% of men aged 22-27 say they would not date someone older than them. Reportedly, this can be attributed to the stigma surrounding age-gap relationships.

Does age really play a big role?

The age difference in a relationship does not matter in the grand scheme of things because when two people love each other the age doesn’t really matter.

The Age Gap:

The Age Gap is an interesting phenomenon created by the generation gap between parents and their children. The generation gap is an ever-widening gulf between parents and children due to parent’s lack of understanding of their child’s psyche, style and attitude. This age difference has an effect on relationships which makes it important for couples to be aware that they need to discuss conflicts that may come up with each other.

There are no hard and fast rules in relationships. It just boils down to how the couple handles the differences in their ages.

One of the main factors contributing to the age gap is that nowadays people are getting married at a later age. It is not uncommon to find partners in their 40s or 50s who dream of a happy, long-term relationship.

Accept your differences.

Accepting age differences is the only way to prevent these differences from interfering in your relationship.

It is not just about years. It also includes intellectual development, emotional maturity, and socialization. As people grow older, they learn how to handle their emotions better and mature psychologically. With that said, it’s natural for older people to display these qualities more than younger ones because they have experienced life for longer periods of time.

Accepting age differences is the only way to prevent these differences from interfering in your relationship.

Find some valuable things

Age-gap relationships are becoming more popular among millennials. They can be of any gender combination and they often come with more equality in terms of income, physical attractiveness, and lifestyle. The big question is: What do these relationships have those other kinds don't? The answer lies in the fact that they have a lot to teach each other. When you're dating someone who has been through different life experiences than you have, it's easy to find out the valuable things in the relationship.

Some people say that age does matter in relationships. However, some studies show that there is nothing wrong with pursuing an age-gap relationship.

Moreover, there are many valuable things that people can find in different relationships, which means it's up to each person to decide what they want and don’t want. Plus, we live in a time when dating is not the only way to get into a relationship - so we should also think about other options and opportunities.

Some might say this is just a trend and it will fade away soon. But if you think about it deeper than just what you see on TV or social media, then you can find many reasons why this trend will remain for a long time to come.

Final thoughts

One of the most important qualities that a long-term relationship should have is that the two partners are able to evolve together.

The one who is always trying to change to meet the other's needs is more likely to feel overwhelmed. The partner who changes circumstances in order to stay close may feel suffocated. These issues can be solved when both partners learn how to compromise, communicate well and mutually respect each other's needs.

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