Little Monster

Free the little monster.

Once upon a time, there was a curious monster with cold white skin, charming blue hair and red lips full of passion. She lived completely alone in a big forsaken house with fearsome bars that she couldn’t escape from.

There were other little monsters living in the world, satisfied with the goalless future they had. It was a perplexing country where everything bit different was enviously killed, however inhabitants looked full of enthusiasm.

Everybody not only looked the same, behaved the same but even said the same sh*t. Scared and full of pain she was looking for hope to get out from the hole. That was the only wish she had in her heart.

Do you think the God was listening to her prayers? She was dreaming about heaven where there would be a love without a betrayal.

One day she realized that she will never get out from this house alone. How could she believe those monsters with mouth full of lies? With the deepest hate they were trying to change her mind everyday.

Their personalities were based on fake opinions fake smiles fake gestures. Such a life of huge lies they lived. Only little monster knew there is something different from the others in her soul. Something honest and pure as the heaven she has dreamed of.

Although she was trying to be attractive, enthusiastic and be perfect for somebody who doesn’t care, it is no use spending hours over the mirror with self-deception of perfection. Maybe that mirror was the right enemy.

After all the struggle she resigned with her fake personality and pretending to care about their opinions.

Finally, she made her the self confident woman no more looking for someone anxiously.

After all we accept feelings we think we deserve. ♥

Model: Veronika Cyprichová

Foto: Viktória Akbariová

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