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How to Remove Wrinkles from a Leather Jacket

You cherish your jacket and likely wear it everywhere with every sort of combination of clothing imaginable.

When it comes to your leather jackets, you want to keep it looking as nice as you possibly can. You cherish your jacket and likely wear it everywhere with every sort of combination of clothing imaginable. The leather is such a versatile product that makes it simple to wear with anything, but when you end up with wrinkles in your leather jacket, you might be less inclined to wear it. The leather is something that takes a bit more care than normal in order to clean, and it should not be cleaned in the same way that you would clean cotton or other usual fabrics. This is because leather can be damaged easily, so it must be treated with caution. Read on to learn how to remove wrinkles from a leather jacket.

Steam the Jacket

To steam a jacket, begin by placing it on a strong, durable coat hanger as leaving it on a cheap one might cause more wrinkles. Turn your shower on and let the water get hot before bringing in your leather jacket. Find a spot in the bathroom such as the door that will allow you to hang up the jacket without letting it get wet. When the coat is hanging, run the hot shower for around 15 to 20 minutes to steam it. Wear the jacket all day after doing this to allow it to conform to your body again.

Press the Jacket

Get an iron with a large range of temperatures and then turn down your iron to the lowest setting. Get your jacket ready by setting it on an ironing board. You will want to put different sections of the jacket onto the ironing board at a time to smooth out the wrinkles. Place a thin layer of cotton material atop the jacket to provide it with protection while you work. Iron the jacket but do not wet it like you might with another piece of clothing. Do it for small periods at a time and using small pieces of leather to work with at a time.

Flatten the Jacket

To flatten the jacket, lay it out on a hard, clean floor or a table. Lay it out on something smooth instead of something like tile. Straighten the arm and remove any folds you notice in the jacket. Stretch out the wrinkled parts. Put heavy books on the jacket. When you put a book down, you will want to make sure the wrinkled part of the jacket has been slightly stretched in order to more efficiently flatten the jacket. Putting books on the leather jacket will help to squash it and flatten it out. Let it flatten for a few hours or overnight. It is going to need a lot of time to flatten before you notice a successful flattened and unwrinkled appearance. Take care of your leather jacket to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. Use the tips found above to get the job done.

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