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Irish Tartan Kilt | Classic & Unique

Irish Tartan Kilt

This Irish Tartan Kilt is made of 8 yards, 16oz heavy weight Poly-Viscose with fringe on the apron and deep pleats. Each and every pleat at the back is individually sewn to ensure that they stay sharp. The Kilt has three leather straps offers flexibility to best fit on you. This kilt is ideal for special occasions like wedding events sports events like Football, Rugby Games, Scouts, or simply Fashion wear. All our kilts come with a custom length option so you can choose according to your height and style.

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I am a researcher and have keen interest in fashion and Clothing. I have recently started researching about the Scottish traditional dresses like Kilts and Tartan.Mine current research is based on Purple Tartan Kilt and Clan Leslie tartan Kilt. My interests range from technology to design. I am also interested in programming, gaming, and cricket. Contact me if you like to get in touch..!

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