Place where I feel ALIVE

Honestly, I´m very outspoken person, not afraid to risk but this experience and the way i got to it was too much. But it was totally worth it.

Can you imagine travelling with bunch of strangers, for more than two weeks, in the middle of Atlantic ocean? I could not either... until I actually did. Instragram is really powerfull thing and in this case it was the only way how i had communicate with my travel budies until we met on the airport in Budapest before the journey.

More than three thousands kilometers, 3 airports and two nights on them, through Brusel and Lisabon to our final destination, Azores.

I experienced there my best „first time“ in so many beautiful moments.

First time in front of the ocean

Its really different from the sea in the summer with high temperatures, crowds of people everywhere and dirty, hot sand under you feet. The ocean is cold, freezy and wild. It´s not afraid of anything. The waves are bunching into the stones so hard that you actually believe that its gonna crash it. I felt so tiny, powerless and calm in one second. When I saw it for the first time, everything else dissapeared. There is only you and the ocean. You can see it, the waves rushing from nohere are full of white skim, you can hear it, the sound is the most peacefull thing I´ve ever heard, u can feel it, the salt and water crashing on the cliffs always comes to you no mater how far you are, you can smell it, its pure smell of the freedom, nothing smells better than mountains and the ocean.

First time eating fresh exotic fruit

Maybe u think.. what is so rare on it? But think about it, have you ever tried the orange or pineapple from their naturall habitant, directly from the tree? The taste made me realize how much we lose when we buy orange here, in middle europe. I opened the door in the morning, felt the morning dew yet, and then just simply tear off and ate it. The best orange ever. And the pineapple, from the only pineapple farm in the Europe, changed my life. Since then I´m no table to enjoy any of these fruits from our supermarkets.

First time standing on the black sand

Like another universe. Thats what a felt when I was standing on the beach, watching the sunset and my feet were buried in the black sand. The small white dots in it look like lost diamants that belong to the ocean... for a moment I was even scared to touch it or step on it. Like an unspotted treasure.

First time in real tea plantation

It can looks strange but sometimes we don´t pay enough attention to the most basic things around us. I had never think about the tea, how is it made or where does it come from. Until I came to Azores and saw the Gorreana, tea plantation. Walking and touching the leaves of the plant and in a minute actually drinking the tea from the same plant. You can see the ordinary people working here and having no clue how special is this place and the moment for you

Azores people

They are so different from my nation. The honest and kindness is flowing in their eyes and smiles. In any situation they aŕe trying to be helpful for you. Always full of good advices and tips where to go. They are proud of their homeland and open to share it with. Azores´s people protect their home and biodiversity with heart and soul. Money in this case means nothing for them and the well being of the Azores is in the first place.

Pleasure for my eyes...

Imagine being in the place where noone is building high skycrapers or any modern architecture. Maybe in the capital. But thats the only place.

No rush, no noise just calm silence and sound of trees, they are greeting to each other , ocean and ringing cow´s bells. You can hear the pure nature and feel the balance between the wildness and the human. Anywhere you look, everything is green. Noone is cutting the forest for the livestock or the wood. They let the mother nature rules on these islands.

Sitting in the plane on my way back...

Was pretty heartbreaking. It just didnt feel right to leave such a paradise. I experienced so unique feelings during those two week in Azores. I had never felt like this before and also after. The energy and vibes flowing in the islands is so rare. Anxiety and stress from the fast life in the city is far away and you feel gratefull for such a small things like sun, a flower next to sidewalk. This place opened my mind and heart in many ways and the nature simply took me in without any doubts.

Azores is the place where I feel ALIVE

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