Top 5 reasons to use Microsoft Azure for your cloud applications

Top 5 reasons to use Microsoft Azure for your cloud applications

Here in this article, you are going to know the top 5 reasons to use Microsoft Azure to use build your cloud applications. and know the advantages of azure over various cloud platforms in a detailed overview

Generally, cloud platforms are available from various companies. Popular cloud platforms are Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, and Google, etc. Among these various cloud services, many of the tech experts believe that 2010 will usher in a new era in computing. At the beginning of pc computing, almost all applications run on each individual's local hard drive. As time goes on, Companies think and recognized the benefits of centralized management. All the data is stored on many apps and runs on various local networks. The next step is all the apps move to the cloud and users can be accessed through the internet. This will allow users to access any programs from anywhere.

Familiarity of windows

Microsoft Azure cloud is based on windows. It is generally used to write applications in the same programming languages. In this developers can use familiar tools like a visual studio or etc. azure is easier to create a cloud version of an existing windows application.

Azure Software Development Kit

Microsoft company provides azure Software Development Kit in the azure environment. It is possible to run on your own computer. You can also work locally and develop and debug applications

Scalability and flexibility

By using this one can create applications that run reliably and scale millions of users. its storage is more reliable, secure and efficient storage service in the cloud. After the creation of web applications. Developers can also specify the number of processors required to run the applications to use.

Cost-efficient and easy to use

One of the great advantages of Azure is it is cost-efficient. It means users can pay for what they use. This helps to save a lot of money. One can also reduce the cost of IT administration using azure technology. The cost of creating, debugging and testing can be easy.

Data centers in Azure cloud

The technology provides a cloud and an extra benefit of the enterprise data center without the cost of maintaining an entity. It is a relational database that stores data in the same as the SQL server. You can also learn more in azure IoT offering to app development

Support resources

Azure has the familiar tools and technologies just like a windows platform. One can take advantage of a well-established support structure. Such as MSDN.

Conclusion: By consideration of all possible factors we can definitely tell Microsoft azure plays a vital role in designing web applications. It also serves the best cloud service among others. One can also compare azure services with amazon web services. Comparing these two technologies azure is a little bit cheaper compared to others. It offers PAAS capabilities for virtual networking, storage, and cloud. Microsoft also helps the developers to use visual studios to build applications in the cloud. You can also learn more about Microsoft Azure in Microsoft Azure certification. prepare for on

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