Ban Hackers: Do you Really Need it? This will guide you to Decide

Ban Hackers: Do you Really Need it? This will guide you to Decide

Ban Hackers: Do you Really Need it? This will guide you to Decide

Hi, Day by Day Cyber-attacks are Increasing, there is an increase in the unknown Cyber activities and Cyber Criminals. We have to ask us a Question that why Every Pug-g hacker is Banned Every day. In the Same time new Hackers appearing Daily.

This will show us, a misunderstanding, how hackers are not banned. It is not possible for a game, that officially tolerates hackers, it was not allowed in the point of Long term game Development. It offers normal Players with a Bad User Experience. learn through ethical hacking online course

Four Countries Banned Pubg


Nepal Government Banned, Pubg national wide. Nepal Telecommunications Authority on Aprill 11 has Directed to Every Internet Service Provider to ban Internet Traffic that connecting to Pubg Servers, Due to hackers.


China Has Already banned 10 games, in that PUBG is also there. Due to hackers are connecting to many users.


Iraq Parliament has Just Banned many online Games, including unknown battlegrounds in PUBG.

How you can Ban Hackers with your Own techniques

Different and Strong Passwords

Let us start with basics, Don’t use the same passwords, make sure that passwords are more complex. In the past, I talked about Using Services and Programs like keypass, lastpass in a Sequence to Handle. What I really need is utilizing programs and Services for managing passwords. So change passwords frequently.

See What you Click and What you Install

If you have locked down all your accounts, this can design it Impossible for a hacker. It is the Big step, However, make secure, that you have to Design your computer in a way that hackers cannot Install any Software. hacking course online will provide step by step process on hacking

These are the banned Applications in Play store and never install them from Private Sources.


This application is designed for Ethical Hackers. They mostly do penetration testing, Scanning password cracking and many more.


This Adblocker Android application, removed by Google play store, due to the 4.4 Developer Distribution section Agreement.

USB Cleaver

With this application, A mobile phone and Desktop can be hacked. The hacker will install this application in our mobile, when we connect this to any desktop, they know complete User ID and password of that computer.

Lucky Patcher

I think you all know about Lucky patcher. It is the Top 5 in Illegal Android Applications. You cannot see this in your play store. This app specialty is unknowing, this app will make you purchase unknown games and applications. learn hacking through learn hacking online

Droid Sheep

Droid Sheep is the best hacking app, it will capture Session Cookies and use them, that which are connected to your Wifi. This app knows Complete Browser History.

Nintendo hackers

This year June, the banned hackers are SciresM, that which are Detailed with Reddit Post. How Nintendo, utilizing the latest Sophisticated System for Tracing Pirated Games. become a professional ethical hacker through ethical hacking certification

According to this Research, Nintendo utilizes one Unique Certification for every Individual that switches to a Cartridge and Copy a Digital Game.

Vikendi Update to Pug Hackers

Recently Pub G Game has Added a special Feature, that is 0.10.0 Update. By this update, the game has got many security Features. Anti-cheat and Reporting update introduced for flagged players, who use hacks and cheats to gain an advantage in Game. Get a professional ceh certification

Hacker Mediation

With hacker Mediation, programs we can request hacker one in many extreme cases, with total normal discussions. Where a Hacker have attempted and it is not a satisfactory one. Vice versa, the hackers can request mediation common, when there is an issue with Program.

90 % Social Media posts let Hacker steal your account

When we see some post in Social Media, they offer Huge Discount. But they are very Dangerous.

If you are a Regular Social Media User, to knock 90% of Designer Shades. That which Bring price to $200 to $20.

The Discount is not Real, almost it is a phishing net, that completely steals your personal Details.

In some cases, the offer is Too Good, but it designed for tempting to lure victims of Social Media into a Dodgy Web Address. Don’t click on any types of Links on social media, that is especially an Unrealistic and tempting offer, on designer Cloths and Goods.

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