what I think about coronavirus

Hi, my name is Vojtech Svaty and in today's article, I will write about coronavirus.

you know for some time in the world have been a case about the sight of coronavirus,

Until recently, we did not know about coronavirus, and we may not know anything about coronavirus, and it all started in Wu-Chang in China, but we did not know at all but when a doctor from Wu-chang told the world the truth and wanted to prevent it catastrophe so the Chinese government had him locked up in prison where, unfortunately, died.

I think China wanted to achieve that many tourists went to China and did nothing happened, but unfortunately now all over the world are quarantined people who are not responsible for anything.

and now, unfortunately, the world is in the middle and we don't know what day or hour it will be,

if you do this somebody bad day so I'm sorry more article write tomorrow

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